SUC InsideYou are invited to worship God, made known to us in Jesus, who is present with us today through the Holy Spirit at Salisbury Uniting Church. We are a gathering of mixed ages and heritage, including some who have lived in Salisbury all their lives, and others who have recently found their spiritual home here. You will fit well amongst us.

We are a church that serves the wider regions of Salisbury as well as its city. I’m sure you will feel most welcome.

Feel free to ‘click’ and discover more about us. You will discover our worship opportunities, study groups, youth activities, Thursday morning Cafe on Park and much more. This is also the home of Uniting in Care Salisbury, our care agency.





Our Church Buildings also host :-

The Adelaide Matu Christian Church – Burmese

The “Jesus, Rock of Salvation” church – Philippines

Siloam Betesda Christian Church – Romanian

Church of the New Jerusalem – Spanish

Zotung Family Church – Chin

Please contact our Church Office for their details.